Sunday, December 13, 2009

Season 18 in Division 2.1

Gallera FC - here we go again... the new season begins. Let's give some highlights to start:

1.) New Tactics and Formations:
The Trophymanager Leauge just got better. Now managers can have a "flexible" formation.  for us this means players are not fixated on a fixed position, and managers can make players happy because they can now play on their desired area. a regular 4-4-2 can now be tweaked where wingers, defenders and midfielders can position themselves based on FP. Gallera FC won 5-1 in the thier first match using the flexible formation. 

2.) Resignations:
M. Hassan of Malaysia submits his resignation this season 18. He has already played for numerous clubs in Malaysia, Brazil, and West Indies (Carribean). As the most experienced of all players, M Hassan was appointed Captain and made his mark on the Left Midfield. He was the first player to score on a freekick, during the 5-1 match, the 3rd league fixture of Season 18.

3.) Young Blood
Look out for Beltran (DC), Aranguren (DR), Rodriguez (DL) and Seco (F) this season 18. Seco has just scored his first goal this season 18. Aranguren and Rodriguez already made appearances last season.

4.) Twin Trophy
The Twin Trophy of Division 3 is main highlight this season.

Monday, November 30, 2009

2peat 3rd Division Champs

Ayala Alonzo did it again in a attacking 4-2-4 formation!

2peat players

Starting Line-up
OMR Espadas
MC Gurruchaga
DL Parra
DR Guzman
GK Guijaro

OMC Barros
F Suarez
ML Ameiva
GK Mateos

New Awardees

Foreign Players
F Devinck (Belgium)
F Chebaiki (Morroco)
ML Hassan (Malaysia)
MC Daskilakis (Cyprus)
DC Varga (Hungary)

Youth Players
DL Rodriguez
DR Aranguren

MVP and Best Winger - S. Espadas
Best Midfielder - A. Gurruchaga
Best Defender - S. Guzman
Notable Foreign Players - Strike Partners F. Devinck and C. Chebaiki

We hope to get a second division Title and return to ANG LIGA 
first division!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Season 17 has started

Gallera FC - Season 17 has started and the club has just been relegated to division 3. new sponsor Tribal Wars online game has been chosen as the new sponsor. now the kit has a large "bird" logo in it. As a start the Team is at the top of the table. hopefully we will regain our "glory days" and return to ANG LIGA. It has been a journey from the Team's first Trophy in Division 3 to its qualification in ANG LIGA. and recently, just last season, we were lucky to have reached the semifinals of the Philippine CUP. 

A new generation of players will now start to rebuild the club. Gallera FC's best Central Defender Alfredo Segura has just left professional football. Fidel Uria "the set piece maestro" also a Central Defender (but a DMC in FP) is also announcing  his retirement. 3 starters are now leaving the Team since its foundation. These are:

1. Alvaro Morales - The Highest ASI player from the tryout squad (first set players of the team). He was a DC by training (FP) but was a good finisher, he has Captained the Team during its first seasons (season 11 and 12) and has played several positions such as Forward, Central Midfielder, Central Defensive Midfield and Left Wing. He has never played in Central Defense even though his Defensive skills are average but his attacking skills were above average. This player has been transfered twice and is currently playing in Europe (Macedonia).

2. Alfredo Segura - The best example of low ASI - high rating player. This player is the heart of Central Defense and was valuable until his day of retirement. played as a Central Defender during his playing days.

3. Fidel Uria - The "the set piece maestro" has just announced his retirement. A DMC in training but is more effective as a Central Defender. Fidel Uria in Right and Alfredo Segura in Left is Gallera FC's top choice of Central Defense. This player has assisted a lot of goals in free kicks. though he lacks technique in scoring free kicks. 

also to mention some fringe players who left the club:

R. Pastor (DC) and C. Domiguez (OMC) has also their fair share of contribution to the team.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

End of Season 16

Gallera FC - The Manager has been out for a week and had just missed the season closure. We have to wait for the start of next season to gather updates. The Div2.1 League was a failure, but results is still unknown. I will just update the CUP round, for the team have reached the Cup Semifinals for the first time... but results after this match and the rest is still unknown. As promised, updates will be posted when the next season begins. 

Player to watch: After a bidding war, Gallera FC acquired a new striker. Although he has low ASI, "Chebaiki" the White Morrocan has proved himself and has already scored twice.

Monday, August 3, 2009

All Time Players Record

As of this season, 2 players have announced their retirement.

First to announce is 32 year old C. Dominguez. He was an important player of the team and is regarded as a substitute for Offensive Midfield roles. C. Dominguez is Gallera FC's highest rated player for positioning. He has contributed 3 Goals and 3 Assists in his entire career for the club.

Second to announce is Central Defender Alfredo Segura. He is known to be the best Central Defender to have played for the club until this season. He can still pound opponents in his 36 years of age, and currently is the oldest player in the squad. He posses above average ratings in all skills required of a central defender, with only his strength as his weakness. This player is one of the best in the business, considering he has a very low ASI of 2,499 as of this season.

so as for this day, an "ALL TIME" list is created for the club's players.


All Time Records List

Season 16 - August 4 2008 (Midway of the season)

All Time Top scorer - Bernardo Álvarez (F) 38 Goals in 120 Appearances
All Time Highest Assists - Ángel José Barros (OMC) and Santiago Espadas (OMR/MR) tied at 31 Assists
All Time Highest Productivity - Ángel José Barros (OMC) 65 Goals and Assists Combined 
All Time Highest Rating - Alfredo Segura (DC) 5.9 average rating
All Time Highest Appearance - Alfredo Segura (DC) 176 appearances

Highest Transfer Payed - Alvaro Morales (DMC/MC) 21,631,495 to tsv libang (Philippines)
Highest Transfer Fee - Fabrice Devinck (F) 112,500,000 from Fc assenede (Belgium)


Monday, June 29, 2009

Back in Division 2

Were back at Division 2. Nothing to celebrate but there is nothing to be ashamed at. ANG LIGA has been great and the team have given thier best and matched the top teams of division 1. Sadly, the problem was injuries and bans where the squad lineup has been depleted. Gallera FC was just 1 spot away out of the qualification zone, but then again the team failed to win it's qualification match.

Former Gallera FC Captain and former highest ASI player Alvaro Morales is transfered to TSV libang, coincidentally this was the team that beat us in ANG LIGA qualification. Now Morales is still playing in ANG LIGA.

New Signing Malaysian Player Muhammed will now start this season 16 and will patrol the Left Midfield, a position once held by Alvaro Morales during season 14(DIV2) and 15(DIV1). More reports on this player as the season progress.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Player Transfers

Outgoing: Former Team Captain Alvaro Morales is now on transfer list. He is approaching retirement and has said he wanted to play in abroad, Europe especially. with an ASI of 10,000+, a lot of clubs might be interested. 

When his transfer is complete, another report will be made. The whole team wishes him well.

New Signing: Defensive Midfielder Barrera is Gallera FC's new signing. At 27 years of age, Barrera has extensive experience in ANG LIGA as he was a former player of MAAP and Binmaley Fisher. He has recently been awarded man-of-the-match in our latest league game.